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If you have never had a professional full body massage, you are missing one of life's real pleasures that turns out to be very healthful as well. While chiropractic care focuses on the joints of your skeleton and various connecting tissues, massage therapy focuses on the muscles. So, for musculoskeletal aches and pains they are wonderful complements to each other.

Massage has a long list of health benefits, which Dr. Reichert believes are too good to pass up. It reduces fatigue, anxiety, and stress. Considering that stress lowers your immunity and makes you far more vulnerable to disease, this alone makes it worthwhile. But it also reduces congestion and improves circulation of the blood, which in turn increases oxygen and nutrient supplies to the muscles, as well as the joints, internal organs, and even the brain, while at the same time stimulating the elimination of metabolic wastes. This often speeds recovery from injuries and illness. If that were not enough, it also reduces pain from muscle spasm and inflammation.

A study at the University of Miami School of Medicine found that massage given to workers increased productivity and job satisfaction. Subjects reported less fatigue and clearer thinking. Brainwave measurements showed enhanced alertness and massage recipients completed cognitive tasks quicker and with fewer errors.

All sorts of people can benefit from massage. Athletes rely on it to prevent and treat injuries. It relaxes pregnant women for easier delivery. It reduces crying and colic in babies and helps newborns sleep. Just think of what it could to for military personnel after a day of training or the unbelievable stress of real combat. Considering all the health benefits of massage, we believe, that like chiropractic care, massage can ultimately reduce the overall cost of health care.